Question: What exactly is MyTreat?

Answer: MyTreat is a social platform that lets you know about events and special moments in your friends’ lives. MyTreat enables you to send your friends treats that are especially prioritized by us to best match their preferences.

Question: How do I sign up?

Answer: Just click the “Connect with Facebook” button on our website or iPhone App and that’s it.

Question: Do I need to have a Facebook account to use MyTreat?

Answer: Yes. We believe that using social networks makes the MyTreat experience much more fun and personal.

Question: How do I send a treat?

Answer: Enter our website or iPhone App. Then click a suggested event or simply choose your friend. Afterwards, just choose a treat from the prioritized list that we generated for you and that’s it! It’s really simple!

Question: How do I receive my treat?

Answer: First, we will notify you that you received a gift (on facebook, email, text, App push notification – whatever the sender chooses). Afterwards, enter our website or iPhone App and push the “Me” button. You’ll see a list of all your treats…

Question: How do I redeem my treat?

Answer: After entering the mobile site or iPhone app, push the “me” button and select your treat. A “slide to redeem” button will appear. Show it to the barman / cashier as you slide the button. It’s as easy as that. No codes, no paper, no problems!

Question: Do I need a smartphone to send or redeem a treat?

Answer: No. You can use a regular PC, tablet or smartphone.

Question: How do I know you won’t share my personal information with people that I don’t authorize?

Answer: We will only share your information with your Facebook friends. That’s a promise!

Question: What kind of treats can I purchase?

Answer: You can send drinks, coffee, cakes etc. We wanted to offer small treats that aren’t expensive and that are always fun to receive.

Question: Are the prices higher than the ones on the retailer’s menu?

Answer: No. That wouldn’t be fair! Actually, sometimes you’ll get special discounts that will make the treats even cheaper.

Question: How do I pay?

Answer: We have implemented a secure payment mechanism. You can use Paypal or just enter your credit card number.


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